‘I Was Always The One In The Wrong’: Chloe Opens Up About Her Past On Siesta Key

‘I Was Always The One In The Wrong’: Chloe Opens Up About Her Past On Siesta Key


Chloe’s journey to self-discovery continues — but now, it’s with Chris (and only good vibes) by her side.

This week’s Siesta Key featured the zen blonde still reeling from her recent talk with Sam (a little sage over here, please!). Resolving to take a break from “the Sam and Juliette sh*tstorm,” Chloe found herself focused on getting settled into her new home with Chris, despite hearing from friends and family that the two are “moving way too quickly.”

Even Chloe’s mom expressed concern over the pair’s swift move-in — while bringing up her daughter’s past.

“She used to be quite a handful. I just hope she never goes back in that direction,” Michelle said.

Chris was quick to provide reassurance, pointing out their “very balancing personalities,” due in part to their astrological signs: He’s an Aries; Chloe is a Virgo.

For her part, the Concept by Chloe founder didn’t hesitate to state how far she’s come since the crew’s Palm Island getaway last year.

“I definitely feel much better about everything. I’m just really happy,” she said, noting that she spent a year finding herself while “shedding layers and crying myself to sleep all the time.”

Fighting back tears, Chloe then told Chris that she’s been combating negative labels her entire life.

“I was always the one in the wrong. [If] I was with my childhood best friend and something broke, it was always my fault. If someone was crying, it’s like, ‘What did Chloe do?’ That was the pattern of my life,” she said. “And at some point, I was like, you know what? If everyone’s going to label me as the bad girl, then I might as well as just become that and be the best at it that anyone’s ever seen.”

But as far as she’s concerned, the past is unimportant. And she told Chris that anyone who thinks they’re rushing it is wrong.

“To find you and have the relationship that we have, it’s just so special,” she said. “I think some people may think we’re moving a little fast, but time is not relevant when you’re in love.”

What do you think? Does time matter when you’ve met your soulmate? Sound off in the comments, then catch an all-new Siesta Key Thursday at 9/8c.