Haim's 'I Know Alone' Watch

Haim's 'I Know Alone' Watch


A pandemic is not going to stop Haim from adding the much-loved dance element to their music videos.

The sibling trio unveiled their new single, fittingly titled “I Know Alone” (though it’s not about the current state of affairs), on Wednesday (April 29).

“Some things never change / They never fade / It’s never over / Some things never grow / I know alone like no one else does,” the group muses in the chorus. The accompanying video shows the sisters safely standing six feet apart on a backyard basketball court, going  through a series of choreography.

Haim also announced the new release date for their highly-anticipated third album, Women in Music Pt. III, which was originally scheduled for an April 24 release. The record is now set for June 26.

“Things were changing so quickly that when we were supposed to put out our record, it just didn’t feel like an appropriate time to do so,” Alana Haim explained to Zane Lowe. “Now that it feels like we’ve settled into this weird quarantine new normal life, we really just want to put it out.”

Watch the “I Know Alone” video below.