Grimes Not Here For Elon Musk's Baby Name Correction

Grimes Not Here For Elon Musk's Baby Name Correction


Plus, Grimes bared her baby bump for 'Italian Vogue.'

Most new dads quickly realize that listening is the most important skill they can bring to the often hectic, confusing early days of parenthood. Elon Musk may have missed that memo.

After he and girlfriend Grimes recently welcomed their son and introduced him to the world his most unique, and basically unpronounceable name,  X Æ A-12, the Tesla/Space-X founder saw fit on Tuesday to correct a typo in Grimes’ explanation of the futuristic moniker.

You see, Grimes wrote that the A-12 portion referred to their favorite aircraft, the “precursor to the SR-17.” Only Musk name-splained that the plane is actually “SR-71, but yes.”

Oh boy, Grimes was not too psyched about that, writing back a short time later, “I am recovering from surgery and barely alive so may my typos be forgiven but, damnit. That was mean to be profound.”

Musk then, sort of, apologized and helpfully added a snap of the CIA spyplane she was referring to.

It all might be for naught, since a family law attorney told People that the name may not be valid in California because the state does not allow “numbers, Roman numerals, accents, umlauts or other symbols or emojis” in baby names.

Meanwhile, Grimes said she was so busy baby birthing this week that she didn’t even realize her Italian Vogue cover was out.

“Simulation feels like its at level 10 atm. Might be offline for a bit as of today, but this is an honor of the highest order!” she wrote. “Thanks so much I want to write more but my brain is mega fried right now. Love G.”