‘Green’ By Sam Loid

‘Green’ By Sam Loid


We love delving into new releases for R&B Music Review as the artists are showing up and showing out. This edition of our popular series is no different as we delve into “Green” by Sam Loid from his latest EP Colors. Let’s get into it.

R&B Music Review: Sam Loid – Green

An acoustic, guitar-drive R&B offering, Loid’s Green opens with an intoxicating strumming of the guitar followed by his equally provocative vocals. On this track, visuals included, Sam Loid is reminiscent of Lloyd and Trey Songz when they themselves were just coming onto the scene. As a rising progressive R&B star, the throwback vibe while taking his sound in a new direction is an important one as the singer-songwriter seeks to leave his mark on the industry.

Being that Loid is a singer-songwriter, his lyrical approach to the topic of the song is that much more noteworthy. For starters, he addresses a topic that so many of us can relatable and does it with the artful storytelling that made R&B such a loved genre worldwide. In ‘Green’, the genius of Loid’s approach is found in what he doesn’t say as much as what he does say. Playing with the concept of being ‘green with envy (or jealousy),’ and croons about the pains of a broken heart and seeing the one you love and gave everything to move on and be seemingly happy with someone else who is giving less than half the investment. In the end, his final resolve is acknowledging the importance of moving on and shaking this feeling of being ‘Green.’

The song is accompanied by a simple but effective video. The close-up shots from what appear to be different parts of his home effectively intimates that Loid finds himself home, alone, and facing his feelings of a love that’s not just lost, but a love that has, from the looks of it, moved on for the better.

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