Get a Dose of Colin Brittain’s “Fix You”

Get a Dose of Colin Brittain’s “Fix You”


American Teeth is on it again with yet another hit for the crowds. The track titled “Fix You” is climbing its way to the top of our playlists and hearts.

A sure-fire hit like this is bound to have producer Colin Brittain on board, making it all the more exciting. Adding his unparalleled skills and unique touch to the track, Brittain has managed to boost many songs such as “Fix You.” The LA-based American songwriter, producer, and musician is known for his unique ability to mix exciting rock tunes, turning them into smashing singles. Colin Brittain is an expert multi-instrumentalist whose works have become harmonious hits on the billboard charts.

The song’s creation has a witty back story that makes it all the more interesting. Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low sent in his sense of the tune to Colin Brittain while on tour. After receiving a hint of the melody, American Teeth was so ensconced that he rush to create a demo in just one night. With Gaskarth’s guitar powers and Brittain’s unmatched creative talents, the track was sure to rise to the stars.

The track begs fans of 2000s songs to unite.