Freeway Rick Ross Suggests Rick Ross Made A "Mockery" Of His Name

Freeway Rick Ross Suggests Rick Ross Made A "Mockery" Of His Name


FreewayRick Rossis a legend, not just in the rap game, but in American history. A notorious drug kingpin in the 80s, he was sentenced to life in prison but later appealed to have a shorter sentence and was later released in 2009. He’s a reformed drug dealer, working towards trying to reverse some of the effects that he had during his reign but his identity as a drug dealer inspired several rappers in hip-hop including Rick Ross.

Now, we all know that Freeway Rick Ross isn’t a fan of Rick Ross but the former drug dealer recounted when he first found out about the rapper using his name. He was in jail at the time and got on the phone with Rozay before inviting him to come to discuss their issues at the prison. According to Freeway Rick Ross, Rozay changed his number immediately after and never pulled up for their “friendly conversation.”

“Rick Ross used my whole name, you know, and he probably gained the most stardom out of anybody,” he explained on The Mike & Donny Show. “[Rick Ross] goes on and telling people that he’s never heard of me.”

After explaining that Rick Ross (the rapper) claimed that he got the name from being a football player, Freeway Rick Ross added, “It just make you feel like, ‘what’s with this guy? Why can’t this guy just come out and say, you know, what I am and what I do.’ And then, the way he raps, too, he raps about selling drugs and he never sold drugs. He was a correctional officer, had a credit card in high school, you know? Come from one of those great backgrounds went to college and couldn’t read and write. I’m like, why do you make a mockery of what normal people go through? It’s almost like making a mockery of it.”

Peep the clip below.