End Of An Era: Leroy Is Retiring From The Challenge

End Of An Era: Leroy Is Retiring From The Challenge


Leroy announced at the beginning of The Challenge: Double Agents that this would be his final time competing on the hit MTV series. The veteran — who made his debut on the show back on Rivals in 2010 — came up short (once again) when he nabbed the bronze medal with his Real World: Las Vegas roomie Nany. And on Part 2 of the Season 36 reunion, the unforgettable competitor received a sentimental and sweet send-off.

“Running that final with Nany and finishing with her, and what we have right here, that was the icing on the cake,” Leroy told host Vernon Davis after he was asked if this was truly the end of his road on The Challenge (it is).

And while his girlfriend Kam isn’t saying goodbye to the game, she fully supports his decision to step away from the battlefield.

“He’s ready to move on to the next stage of his life — I don’t question it,” the Double Agents second-place finisher stated. “Whatever he wants to do. If he likes it, I love it.”


Leroy’s cast members also bid him adieu with some pre-recorded messages. Nelson praised Leroy for giving him the “cleanest cuts” in the house, and Jay felt honored that Le got his Gold Skull against him. And, of course, Kam had some heartwarming words for her beau.

“You are truly an inspiration, and you have left a legacy on this show,” she said. “Even though we didn’t win, in real life, we won because we have each other, and we get to come home to each other every single day. I look forward [for us] to spend the rest of our lives with each other, and I love you so much.”

We love you too, Leroy. Share your favorite Leroy MTV memories in the comments!