Drake & Virgil Abloh Show Off The Actual Patek Watch From "Life Is Good"

Drake & Virgil Abloh Show Off The Actual Patek Watch From "Life Is Good"


Drake and Future finally bestowed their highly anticipated single, “Life Is Good,” on us today, and the title could not ring more true. Though it was not yet known what the shoot was for, the first hint that a collab was on the way was revealed when the two legends were spotted filming a music video in December, posing as fast food workers. The actual name of the single was revealed last week along with a snippet of the song, followed by an official announcement Thursday that the single would be dropping at midnight. While the world awaits the highly speculated sequel to their joint album What A Time To Be Alive, “Life Is Good” is certainly enough to hold us over.

With the release of “Life Is Good,” Drake decided to put a “face” to some of the lyrics, by posting a photo of the Patek watch he boasts about ont he track. The lyric, “Virgil got the Patek on my wrist doing front flips” in Drake’s first verse could be heard in the snippet that Future shared on his IG story last week, but the Patek watch is mentioned again in the chorus on the line, “Virgil got that Patek on my wrist goin’ nuts.” Drake took to Instagram to show us just which watch that Off White designer Virgil Abloh designed, with a little sarcasm.

“New designer you guys probably have no idea what’s going on in the scene super underground all good I will put you on to Veerjil Ablow,” Drizzy captioned the photo of the green Patek Philippe x Virgil Abloh timepiece, intentionally spelling Virgil’s name wrong and playing the role of the pretentious fashion buff. Virgil appreciated the joke, commenting, “Hahahahaha hahah. It’s too early in the new decade to laugh this hard ????.”

He also shared the same photo on his own account with the caption, “‘no rap cap.'” Drake commented “Front flips,” referring to the lyric in his verse. Drake’s affinity for flashy jewelry has been a recurring theme during this “Life Is Good” hype. After dropping over $400K on a matching chain with Future, it was reported on Friday that he also purchased a $1 million 100-carat diamond heart-shaped chain for himself. Drake is icing himself to a new level for this (hopefully) new WATTBA era, and who can blame him.