Double Shot Truce: DJ Pauly D And Nikki Finally Spoke (And Now She Wants To Make Babies)

Double Shot Truce: DJ Pauly D And Nikki Finally Spoke (And Now She Wants To Make Babies)


When DJ Pauly D says “Hi Nikki,” there will now be a response from the Double Shot at Love Season 1 final finisher.

During tonight’s Double Shot episode, the entire gang was out at where else? a strip club when Nikki deemed it was time to speak with the Jersey Shore star — after making a U-turn on Day 1 in the suite. At first, the exchange was a bit “awkward!”: Pauly asked, “How come you can’t look at me?” to which Nikki replied he had not yet apologized.

“You hurt me,” Nikki stated.

“I want you to be happy,” Pauly told Nikki. “We broke up, and it was ugly. And then you wouldn’t let me talk at the reunion, so I just let you yell.”

Nikki laughed at this comment — which elicited an adorable “cracking a smile!” comment from Pauly.

After both admitted fault — and agreed they would split the repercussions of what went down — apologies were doled out, and now they’re friends. And, like Maria said to Vinny the week prior, Nikki proclaimed she wants to turn a new leaf.

“I’m happy he said sorry, because talking to Pauly feels like old times,” she said during a private interview. “It’s familiar, it’s comfortable, it’s like nothing ever happened.”

Now that they’ve exchanged their old-times hand shake and matching big grins, what’s next?

“Now we make babies!” Nikki exclaimed. Kinda reminds us of when she had this query back on Season 1:

That was then, this is now. When did Nikki decide “this is it” and realize “this” was the moment to tell him how she really felt?

“I tried to stay mad at him for as long as I could,” Nikki admitted to MTV News. “But in reality, I was never really, because he’s one of the only people who can shift my mood drastically. And just seeing him — every time I see him, I want to run up to him and hug him.”

Now everyone in the house is communicating — and for now, no more “awkwarder” pairs exist. What will happen between Pauly and Nikki as time goes on? You can’t forget those big grins post-reconciliation…and the fact that they have always shared a strong connection.

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