DJ Shaabi Releases “Love Emojis” Single (produced by. District7Studios)

DJ Shaabi Releases “Love Emojis” Single (produced by. District7Studios)


Listen now:

DJ Shaabi just released “Love Emojis”, a moving song with a Hip Hop theme. This R&B Music Review acknowledges that Love Emoji’s vocalist is doing nothing but dropping musical swagger in this song. It starts out with a great composition led by percussion instruments. A few seconds into the song the smooth male voice sings “Talking, texting all night long” and so the theme of the song is revealed.

The song continues smoothly gracing our ears. It’s a mellow slow paced love song that sings the praises of modern day communication. Shaabi has a well-trained tenor voice. He moves with ease from deep notes to higher notes. It’s a pleasure to get swept away with this song as the chorus begins, “I love you, so we’re texting … loving you, kissing you through love emojis, wiping tears, just you and me…”

This E.P. is a subtle blend of good composition mixed with great vocals. It’s a song you can slow dance to or simply move at your own pace alone on the dance floor. No one will fault you for being motivated to move even if you do it by yourself.

Love Emoji’s has that distinctive drum beat that’s a pleasant blend of an African? Brazilian? Cuban sound? You can’t quite put your finger on it. Still, it doesn’t matter because you’re so immersed in the song to care.

DJ Shaabi does justice to this song. His great voice, in combination with the moving smoothly composed arrangement lifts you off your feet and puts you in his world of Love.