Destiny Briona drops new single “Like Nothing”

Destiny Briona drops new single “Like Nothing”


Album artwork

R&B singer/songwriter Destiny Briona has released her latest single “Like Nothing” on Friday, May 13, 2022.

The single “Like Nothing” was written as a final love letter that feels bittersweet. The song represents the “right person, wrong time” as it tells the story of two people trying to connect despite personal obstacles. Both people need time to grow and learn to love each other in an authentic way.

The song opens with a slow and catchy guitar riff and the repeated sequence of guitar chords underscores the song creating a contemplative platform for the story to be told.

Album artwork for “Like Nothing”

“Like Nothing” is Destiny Briona’s sixth single to be released. She has been recording tracks since 2018 and her most recently uploaded single (from May 2020), “Ten Shots” which received over 15,000 views. This is an artist where you can clearly see her evolution as a songwriter and musician by reviewing her earlier works:

Ten Shots (May 2020)
Off the Radar (Sabotage) (July 2019)
No. 5 (May 2019)
Pinocchio (Feb 2019)
Legend (June 2018).

This talented new artist is clearly on an upwards trajectory and is forging her own personal brand in the R&B and hip-hop space.

Destiny Briona in the recording studio – courtesy Instagram

In “Like Nothing”, Destiny Briona sings:

“Knowing what I do to you.
But if you wait for me.
It sure won’t be the same
If you stay with me
I’m just trying to say, I’m not ready
And, believe me, I understand
That’s its crazy
But I was hoping
We could just – pick up where we left off

Like nothing happened – happened”

The artist explains that the song is a final proposal to a former lover to return “when the time is right or leave things how they are forever.”

New R&B talent Destiny Briona

Destiny Briona’s new single “Like Nothing” is out now and streaming across all the usual platforms. Add it to your R&B playlists.

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