Darius McCrary Says Bobby Brown Tried To Warn Him About Dating Karrine Steffans

Darius McCrary Says Bobby Brown Tried To Warn Him About Dating Karrine Steffans


The unexpected romance between Darius McCrary and Karrine Steffans puzzled many. The child star gained fame as Eddie Winslow on Family Matters, so it came as a shock to hear that he’d married the woman who referred to herself as “Supahead.” The pair’s relationship was a rocky one as Karrine accused Darius of violent physical abuse; accusations that she would later recant.

Darius McCrary Says Bobby Brown Tried To Warn Him About Dating Karrine Steffans
Frazer Harrison / Staff / Getty Images

Darius recently chatted about his previous relationship with the infamous star and began by saying that he believes that “in Hollywood, celebrities should date celebrities, period.” It doesn’t matter what field each person is in, just as long as they date each other and not a non-famous figure. According to the sitcom star, when the less famous or non-famous partner begins to get attention, they’ll do anything to maintain or increase attention. “Now, we call it ‘clout-chasing.'”

He added that his relationship with Karrine was “tumultuous” because they were young. “At the time, I wasn’t aware that beautiful women are like exotic cars,” he said. “They take a lot of maintenance. You take a Rolls Royce, the brake job is ten thousand dollars alone. You can’t just run a Rolls Royce if you’re not expecting to pay for that brake job. It was a very expensive and tumultuous situation and it’s pretty much the reason why I don’t drive a Rolls Royce.”

The actor shared a story of attending a George Clinton concert with Karrine as his date. “Everyone was so shocked when I walked into the room with her,” he recalled. “Whoa. She was lookin’ hot. She’s a gorgeous woman. She’s beautiful, I mean she’s amazing in so many ways. What attracted me to Karrine wasn’t her body, it was her mind. So you put that kind of mind into that kind of body and it’s dangerous. We fell in love, man, we were headed 95 going south on the interstate. It was amazing.”

However, there were red flags on the play. “Bobby tried to warn me,” Darius added. “We were laughing about this situation with some of the guys. I did say to him, ‘I was doing the same thing you was doin’ with her!‘ It’s so funny, sometimes you look at the situation and it doesn’t work out well for others and you think that you may be able to navigate through it. But I think that some people are better alone.” Watch his clip below.