Cyn Santana’s Off-Key Singing Had "Love & Hip-Hop" Viewers Clowning Her Hard

Cyn Santana’s Off-Key Singing Had "Love & Hip-Hop" Viewers Clowning Her Hard


There are always plenty of talking points coming out of each episode of Love & Hip Hop. Whether you prefer the New York, Miami, Hollywood, or other spin-off versions of the popular series, the show will always be wildly entertaining because of the ridiculous amounts of drama being displayed throughout its runtime. Without question, Love & Hip Hop always tries to steal the attention away from competing programs, using antics and sheer nonsense to get the crowd coming back for more. Cyn Santana has become a staple of the show alongside of ex-boyfriend Joe Budden and, during a recent episode, she could be seen testing out her chops in the recording studio. The results were ear-clenching for most viewers with some taking to social media to formally request Cyn puts down the microphone.

A prominent storyline exiting the new episode of Love & Hip-Hop: New York entails the love triangle between Cyn Santana, Joe Budden and Tahiry. Another aspect of the show is being discussed online too, making this quite a busy week for Santana on the headline front. Scenes of her prepping a new song were included in the show and, unfortunately, a negative effect was left on the audience who simply wants the reality star to go back to whatever she was doing before music. 

Cyn needs to go back to school or find another rich man or get her model-game up,” wrote one fan on Twitter. “No Questions ur ass should not be singing,” said another.

Do you think Cyn Santana has a future in music or should she quit while she’s ahead?