Conway the Machine Releases New Album ‘Slant Face Killah’ AKA ‘SFK’: Listen

Conway the Machine Releases New Album ‘Slant Face Killah’ AKA ‘SFK’: Listen


The Slant Face Killah (none other than Conway the Machine) is back with a fresh album, and he’s mincing no words this time.

Taking to Instagram a day before the album drop, Conway declared that he’s aware that a lot of music is dropping all ’round, but he promises you “it’s not f*****g with this! (SFK)”. Well, judge for yourself and check out the project here!

Mind you, this comes at a special time in hiphop; with Drake and Kendrick going back to back with (arguably the most) monumental hip hop releases of this generation, Conway has now entered the mix with unapologetic and brazen confidence with his album.

Previously, the rapper posted a trailer for the album which seemed to signify the theme of what appears to be a concept album. According to the French monologue over a montage of Conway’s memories, the narrator hints at the album being the “story of a man that falls from a fifty-storey building”, describing the attitude of the man in free fall. The man in the story is unfailingly optimistic, passing each floor with the reassuring thought, “so far, so good”. The narrator really drives the point home at a crescendo, justifying this attitude with a lesson on what really matters; not falling, but how you land. Which begs the question — did the album drop land well?

Stream the album below.