Cedric Brazle releases new single “Product of Love”

Cedric Brazle releases new single “Product of Love”


The Florida native, Cedric Brazle is a rising, independent R&B artist released his latest single, “Product of Love” on April 27th working in partnership with Emperium Entertainment. The official music video was released on YouTube on May 4th.

Brazle is a hybrid, multi-talented entertainer and songwriter. He feels his music is an expression and testimony to his personal experiences overcoming emotional trauma and defining himself as a male in today’s society.

The new single “Product of Love” is from his upcoming EP which is expected to drop Summer 2022. “Product of Love” was produced by stevexcooper. Cedric wrote this song as a sort of deep dive and analysis of past childhood traumas and the effect of the absence of parental love on his relationships today as an adult.

Brazle deliberately timed the release of this song to coincide with Mental Health Awareness month which is usually a time of reflection. The lyrics in “Product of Love” are about authenticity and genuineness and how important these values are for a satisfying human connection:

“To be honest
Loving me could come with a consequence
And in the end
Will you love me through all the real shit?
Cause there’s a lot of it
I ain’t been in love in a long time
I ain’t good at love, what can I say?
E’rybody on one sometimes
Already know I’ll make mistakes
I tried so many times and I, I just don’t like it
Won’t be the story of my life, help me rewrite it”

The music video was directed by Greatezt and it shows Cedric’s personal struggles in this story about his relationship. The story is told from the point of view of the artist’s girlfriend as she witnesses Cedric battling his past trauma and looking for ways to move beyond this. The music video is also full of powerful symbolism that underpins the storyline.

R&B artist Cedric Brazle

“Product of Love” is out now and streaming on all the usual platforms.

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