CALYN Weaving Melodies Of Heartache And Healing In “Waiting”

CALYN Weaving Melodies Of Heartache And Healing In “Waiting”


Rising star CALYN, a fresh and dynamic force in the U.S. R&B circuit, has just released her new single, “Waiting,” which navigates the nuances of emotional experience. Hailing from the energetic and colorful city of Stockton in California, her musical voyage is distinguished by her exceptional skill in shaping distinctive tunes and verses that delve profoundly into the subtle complexities of emotion, striking a chord with listeners.

Reflecting on her new single, CALYN revealed: “When I started writing “Waiting,” it was initially just a couple of ideas scraped together and brought to life. I was writing solely based off of the thoughts in my head rather than anything I had experienced just yet. The demo I had originally ended up with had no hook, just two verses that were written in completely different headspaces. As I had said earlier, the first verse was written through only the emotional thoughts I had been experiencing, whereas the second verse, I wrote after going through the exact feelings I was afraid of when writing the first verse.”

She added: “At that point, I was left with a project with no hook and two very opposite verses, almost directly representing the before and after feelings of a break up or falling out of any kind of relationship. I knew I wanted to finish the song, but felt like I had nothing to work with. Eventually, I revisited the project and the hook just came to me, leaving the song with what almost seems like a “before, during, and after” of an emotional experience.”

Talking about the challenges she faced in depicting the different stages within “Waiting,” she stated: “Balancing the contrasting emotional elements in my writing for this specific song was kind of the concept of the project from the very beginning. I don’t typically write with any intention for my audience to grasp a specific message, solely because I want my audience to be able to interpret it however they please.”

The young talent continued: “My own personal interpretation of the song, the message that went along with those conflicting emotions was the fact that there can very well be positive sides of a situation that isn’t good for you. Just because there are good things about someone or something, it doesn’t always mean you should stay.”

In her songwriting, CALYN charts a course through the stormy seas of a romance that is as alluring as it is harmful, illustrating the stark reality of a bond plagued by emotional underdevelopment and failures in dialogue. Her candid and emotive narrative beckons the audience to immerse themselves in her realm, partaking in her voyage of longing, solitude, and the pursuit of personal peace.

Listen to “Waiting” below: