Calvin Ross Releases Dueces (Remix):

Calvin Ross Releases Dueces (Remix):


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Calvin Ross has created a funky, dope track with the remix of Chris Brown’s “Dueces”. This cutting-edge remix showcases a romantic ballad smoothed out with R&B and rap accents. This is the perfect summer jam for the outdoor barbecues and socials. Similarly, “Dueces” features captivating, compelling lyrics that nearly everyone can relate to. With a steady backbeat and buzzworthy lyrics, this song will keep your fingers snapping and toes tapping for hours on end.

Ross has combined elements of R&B and hip-hop with this soulful ballad remix. The collaboration has earned Ross top honors in the indy hip-hop and R&B music scene online. Ross also has an excellent social media following, and the remix continues to receive stellar reviews from old-school and new-school music lovers alike. If you love laid-back jams that take parties to new levels, this one is it!

When it comes to R&B music reviews, you have to include Devi and Ross. These upstarts have amassed followers of the genre in and out of social media. With fresh videos to accentuate their songs, the two artists are slated for huge things in the world of R&B and hip-hop. In many ways, Devi and Ross have eloquently captured the essence of old-school rhythm and blues with the slow, laid-back stylistics of George Benson. I loved both tracks and have them on repeat as I am typing these reviews. Check out these tracks online, and I promise you will not be disappointed!