Juicy J Releases New Album ‘Mental Trillness 2’: Listen

Juicy J Releases New Album ‘Mental Trillness 2’: Listen


Following up strong on his 2023 release, Mental Trillness, Juicy J is back with a promising sequel. Mental Trillness 2 hit the streaming stores earlier today and is available for streaming below.

Merging elements of old school trap and phonk, the album comprises 16 tracks, boasting a runtime of 47 minutes. With the production minimal and arguably monotonous in places, it truly provides Juicy J with the avenue to rap his heart out over ample pockets and innovate more with his flows.

The album touches on themes of the daily hustle, sex, street knowledge, and nostalgia, and captivates listeners with enticing visuals as part of the artwork that is cohesively in line with the last release.

Keeping the low shutter, light movement based style of painting intact much like its prequel, the new album art is a surrealistic, almost psychedelic take on exploring dark color tones with prominent characters with blurred features. This beautifully supports the sonics of the project in terms of their darkness, with a dash of color, hope and motivation. All in all, the album as a cross-medium whole unfailingly captures the essence of the mad artist, making mad art, and we are here for it!

Oh and, if you’re a fan of visuals beyond the static art, Juicy J has you covered with a music video to compliment the release!

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