Bronny James Mimics Iconic Kobe Bryant Dunk Just Like LeBron: Watch

Bronny James Mimics Iconic Kobe Bryant Dunk Just Like LeBron: Watch


During last week’s showdown at Staples Center between the Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James caught the ball on a fastbreak and threw down a sweet reverse dunk, perfectly imitating a jam that Kobe Bryant pulled off 19 years ago. On Monday night, video footage surfaced of LeBron’s son Bronny smoothly mimicking his dad’s, and Kobe’s, moves during pre-game warm ups. 

LeBron later revealed that his Kobe-inspired dunk wasn’t premeditated, but he was extremely appreciative of NBA photographer Andrew D. Bernstein, who captured the now iconic photograph.

“I didn’t really predetermine that either until I jumped,” James said, per ESPN. “I just jumped and kind of figured it out, and then … it’s crazy how it’s the same exact dunk, the same exact hoop that Kobe did [it on] — what, 19 years ago or something like that? That was nice.”

“When I saw it for the first time, I was like, ‘Holy s—, that is an unbelievable photo,'” James said. “And then when I found out how it was taken: Andy literally had one snap on his remote to get that, and when I saw the video of it, when I was in the air, you can see the flash in the background. I was like, ‘Oh, that is … He’s the real MVP, for sure.'”

As for his son’s replica dunk, LeBron told reporters (H/T USA Today), “I was watching social media today, and my son did the same thing in his warmup. He didn’t do it in a game, but he kind of did the same dunk in his warmups today. So, Kobe — he’s in all of us right now.”