Bow Wow & Omarion Recall The Time Jay-Z Left Their Show After Just One Song

Bow Wow & Omarion Recall The Time Jay-Z Left Their Show After Just One Song


Bow Wow and Omarion are about to reunite for the upcoming leg of the Millenium Tour, even teasing the arrival of a sequel to their Face Off album coming soon. While the imminence of Face Off 2 is still up in the air, the topic is addressed in their first-ever joint interview with the great Brian Miller and Elliott Wilson on Rap Radar. Some of the best hip-hop journalists on the planet, Miller and Wilson always conduct a ton of research for their interviews, which have been outstanding as of late. With Bow Wow and Omarion joining them on the podcast, they continue a string of impressive displays with over an hour of worthwhile chatter from the two former child stars.

While there are tons of moments that stand out during the chat, including the reason why Bow Wow “fired” Jermaine Dupri from Face Off after one day, Ashanti’s inclusion on the upcoming tour, and more, an anecdote about Jay-Z attending their joint concert back in the day and leaving after just one song stands out among the rest. Speaking about the team-up between himself and O, Bow Wow confirmed that they were inspired by Jay-Z and R. Kelly‘s 2002 link-up on Best Of Both Worlds. Hov even ended up attending their show at Madison Square Garden, hearing that they would be tributing him and Kellz during the performance.

“He heard about it and said ‘They perform Best of Both Worlds. That’s the first song that they come out on,'” says Bow Wow, recalling Jay’s words. “Bow does [Jay’s] verse, [Omarion] does Kellz’ part. So Hov comes to the Garden, stands in the tunnel, watches the intro and me and O are hyped. By the time the song was off, I looked in the tunnel, Hov was gone. He came to watch that one piece, there were twenty thousand in that motherfucker, he saw that shit and then got in the car and drove off.”

Watch Bow Wow tell the story at the 15-minute mark below.