Boogie Talks Gaining Eminem Fans, Next Album On Shady & 1800 Tequila Partnership

Boogie Talks Gaining Eminem Fans, Next Album On Shady & 1800 Tequila Partnership


As we all figure out how to adjust to our new normal in these strange times, there are many different artists and brands starting up new initiatives to help get us through the COVID-19 pandemic. Considering just how far-reaching the pandemic is, and how deeply it affects day-to-day society, from jobs to daycare, it’s a given that many people are struggling. Still, there is hope, and there are certain figures that are instilling optimism across the country– and among those joining the fold, we can now count 1800 Tequila.

Just in time for Cinco de Mayo tomorrow, 1800 Tequila is kicking off a brand new live stream series, titled “Live From Inside,” that’s hosted by artists you know and love– Lauren Jauregui, Boogie, Chika and Kiane Lede are a few of the artists that 1800 Tequila is partnering with for this new digital series. 

The idea is, that you’ll not only get to have an artist host a live stream with the fans, but you’ll also get a new performance each time, alongside a guest mixologist who will be showing you how to create a few simple cocktails using 1800 Tequila liquor. Essentially, you’ll get all the trapping of a night out from the comfort of your couch. 

Before the digital event series kicks off tomorrow night with Lauren Jauregui, we hopped on the phone with Boogie to find out more about it, and his current quarantine situation. He tells us how he’s been keeping busy during quarantine– including making music and even learning a new instrument. We also touch on Eminem, Boogie’s label boss and collaborator, to find out more about their relationship, too, and Boogie’s recent string of collabs with TDE.

Check out our interview below, edited for clarity.

Boogie Talks Gaining Eminem Fans, Next Album On Shady & 1800 Tequila Partnership

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HotNewHipHop: Hey Boogie

Boogie: Roseee, I miss you. How’re you?

Yeahhh, it’s been a minute, I wanted to do this myself cause I  haven’t talked to you in a while thought this would be fun.

Ye, once they told me it was you I got so excited.

How’re you doing out in L.A. right now?

I’m good, tryna keep myself busy.

So I guess this 1800 Tequila initiative will keep you busy?

Yeah for sure. I’m glad they hit me up about this. 

So can you tell me exactly what it is and what you’re going to be doing and what fans can expect?

Yeah, so basically what it is it’s a new live stream series of performances from different artists. It’s encouraging people to stay they a** at home and not go outside to be ignorant like everybody else. You can enjoy some 1800 cause that’s what we gone be drinking while we doing this. All the money is going directly to the people that’s affected by COVID-19, that’s what makes it so amazing because we just tryna reap the benefits of the situation. We know people affected by it. Hopefully it’ll cushion people a little bit. 

Cool. How have you been entertaining yourself during quarantine? What do you do day to day?

I have a kid who irritates me but keeps me busy, a lot. Besides that, I’m just tryna work. I’m not saying it’s a good situation but I’m tryna make the best out of it cause it forces me to actually sit inside and I get to know sh*t I’m lacking on, and face reality, so I’m kind of glad it happened in a way. 

Yeah for sure, I’ve been thinking about that too, you can use this time to build a new habit or just get something done that you’ve been putting off. 

Exactly. I picked up a piano. I’ve been playing the piano. I’m trying to learn how to play the piano. It’s kind of frustrating but I’m trying to embrace the challenge.

It’s going to stimulate your mind. You mentioned taking advantage of this down time, and it’s been a minute since you dropped your album on Shady. Is that in the works, like another album?

Yeah. Anybody who knows me, knows how much I overthink my projects. I always wanna make sure I improve from the last project ‘cause I feel that’s what’s keeping me alive as an artist. I keep getting better. I feel like my last project was so good, I kind of got to this point where I was like nothing is good enough and now I’m finally free. My thoughts just finally more free, and I just feel that’s how my life and my music work, it depends on where I’m at and that’s where I make the best music. 

I really loved your last album, the more I play it, the more replay value I get out of it. It just consistently goes up and up. I like that kind of album, it gets better with time.

Yeah, I wanted something that aged well. Our attention span is so short these days cause we get so much music everyday and every week, it’s hard to pick out songs and make sure I had something that did that. 

It’s rare just to find an album like that where it’s even better now from the first time I heard it. How has life been like since you’ve signed to Shady? Has anything changed for you?

What changed is it’s a lot of Eminem fans. They are probably one of the toughest fan bases in the world. If I’m not rapping fast sometimes, they get mad but then if I start rapping fast I disappoint my other fans [Laughs]. I’m tryna have a balance with my fans and all these new fans and make everybody happy. 

That’s so funny, I mean I don’t necessarily think of you as a fast rapper but you’re definitely lyrical, like low-key lyrical stuff that might impress the Eminem fans?

I put a lot of pride into my lyrics so…and my lisp is too big. I got a lisp, to be rapping all fast and sh*t, it’ll start sounding like I’m spitting. 

Do you talk to Eminem? Would you talk to him over the phone or text message? What’s a normal relationship, conversation for you guys?

When we talk it’s regular, he’s like a regular person. But when he calls, somebody else calls first and then they’ll be like ‘Marshall’s on the phone,’  and I feel like I’m about to talk to my teacher or something. 

Have you ever been to Detroit to visit him in the studio at all?

Yeah I have. When I first signed to him he flew me out. I been out there a couple times. 

As you work on the new album, is he involved or is he more hands-off?

What makes it great about him is he just lets me grow as an artist and let me do what I gotta do. If I need something from him I can always reach out. As far as my work I don’t really want other people influencing my ideas, I wanna get my own thoughts off, I don’t really involve too many people honestly.

Boogie Talks Gaining Eminem Fans, Next Album On Shady & 1800 Tequila Partnership

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You haven’t put out anything yourself but you’ve been featured on a couple of songs recently, all with the TDE camp. You have “Trapped In” with Reason, I think it was released before the pandemic but it’s also kinda timely with the title.

It’s crazy how that hook is about being inside. We did that about a year and a half ago.

That’s so crazy. And then you have the one with SIR— have you been spending a lot of time with TDE camp in general? How did that relationship develop with the whole crew?

The thing with TDE, I think it’s a relationship that’s grown over the past few years. Me and Reason was friends before he got signed, I been watching him grow and helping him when I could. Me and SIR been homies for a minute. Of course Kendrick [Lamar] is from my neighborhood, I text him like a month ago. I’m just cool with all of them. We all from LA so it’s close-knit city, as far as the industry goes. 

Do you have any other records in the stash with TDE rappers? Is there something with Kendrick or ScHoolboy Q?

No, I wish. I would’ve been exposed that. No Kendrick record right now, just the Reason and SIR record. Me and Isaiah [Rashad] are actually finna work on something soon.

Once quarantine is over, who are you most excited to get back in the studio with?

When I get out of quarantine, I wanna work with… uhh. I don’t really be thinking about chasing features cause everybody I’m cool with I still be texting ‘em. Me and Jack Harlow have been working on some stuff, so that’s about it. 

What’s the first thing you wanna do when you can leave your house, not studio-related?

I wanna go to the spa. I want a facial, full body massage while I’m butt naked.

That would be sick. Okay cool, thanks so much for talking to me. We’re excited to check out the 1800 Tequila Live sessions.

Yeah make sure everybody know!

You’ll be able to catch Lauren Jauregui tomorrow on IG Live with 1800 Tequila at 9 pm EST/6 pm PST. Boogie will be hosting “Live From Inside” on May 11th, Kiana is following suit on the 17th, and Chika will be capping it off as the host on the 21st.