Andy Dalton Signed With The Cowboys And Twitter Had Jokes

Andy Dalton Signed With The Cowboys And Twitter Had Jokes


Andy Dalton has been eliciting a ton of interest from NFL teams ever since being released by the Cincinnati Bengals. It was believed that Dalton would want to be a starting QB and that the New England Patriots could be his best bet. Instead, he decided to shock football fans on Saturday night as it was reported that he would be signing with none other than the Dallas Cowboys.

As it stands, the starter for the Cowboys is Dak Prescott which means Dalton will be taking a backseat and is going to be the backup. However, Prescott is currently in contract negotiations and they don’t appear to be going well. With this in mind, some believe Dalton could become the Cowboys go-to guy if Prescott ends up holding out into the start of the season.

Prescott and the Cowboys have been a hot topic amongst NFL fans over the last little while so it isn’t surprising that people immediately started to make jokes on Twitter, in regards to the signing. Many believe Prescott’s days in Dallas are numbered although believing that wouldn’t be very smart. Dalton is simply a fallback option if things go horribly wrong with Dak.

Either way, check out some of the best reactions, below.