Ahmaud Arbery Shooting Rallies Outrage From Celebrities & Politicians

Ahmaud Arbery Shooting Rallies Outrage From Celebrities & Politicians


All former high school football star Ahmaud Arbery wanted to do was go for a jog in his small town of Brunswick, Georgia. The 25-year-old had been under quarantine like the rest of the world but decided that he wanted to get a bit of exercise and fresh air. Instead, the quick jog turned into the last day of Ahmaud Arbery’s life after two men—a father and son—chased him down in their vehicle and shot him dead in the street.

Gregory McMichael, 64, and Travis McMichael, 34 told police that they believed Ahmaud to be a suspect who had been burglarizing local homes. However, there was nothing to suggest that there hasn’t been any information shared to suggest that Ahmaud fit the description of any suspects. The McMichaels armed themselves with a shotgun, got into their pickup truck, followed Ahmaud Arbery down the street, confronted him, tried to block his path, and ended up wrestling with him over the gun.

All the while, Ahmaud attempted to run from his assailants to no avail. Video footage of the incident was captured that showed the harrowing incident, including when Ahmaud fell to his death. Neither Gregory nor Travis McMichael has been arrested, and earlier today we reported that a grand jury would rule on whether or not the father and son would be charged with any crime.

After the footage circulated online, celebrities and politicians came forward to speak out against the McMichaels and the system that refuses to arrest the two men. We’ve included quite a few social media reactions demanding justice, so you can check those out below.