50 Cent Collects Diddy’s Debt For BMF

50 Cent Collects Diddy’s Debt For BMF


Big Meech’s brother Southwest T, the co-founder of Black Mafia Family (BMF), was released from prison this week and he’s not wasting any time getting to the money. While he may not plan on running a multi-million-dollar drug trafficking operation this time around, he still plans on living comfortably now that he’s out. Having assisted plenty of rappers on their come-up, Big Meech and Southwest T know that they are owed their dues and, for some reason, 50 Cent feels indebted to help them out.

For much of this week, 50 Cent has made it his personal mission to get all of Southwest T’s debtors to pay up. He started with Irv Gotti, before moving onto Diddy and Jeezy. It looks like one of those men can officially be forgiven though because, according to Fif, Puffy has sent over some money.

50 Cent Collects Diddy's Debt For BMF
Denise Truscello/WireImage/Getty Images

“SHOUT OUT TO @diddy TOLD ME SOME REAL SHIT YESTERDAY THANKS BROTHER I RESPECT THAT,” reposted Fif on Instagram. The post was originally from Southwest T’s account.

“See diddy reached out to @bmfboss_swt_263 now everything good. #starz #BMF coming soon,” added 50.

Hopefully, Irv Gotti and Jeezy pick up the phone and get everything sorted out. Fiddy has already reminded Irv Gotti that he needs to come through soon, or else. Jeezy only got his first warning this morning.

50 Cent is currently producing a series about BMF, which is likely why he’s taken such an interest in this story.