50 Cent Calls Out Jeezy For Ducking BMF

50 Cent Calls Out Jeezy For Ducking BMF


Southwest T, the co-founder of Black Mafia Family and Big Meech’s brother, was released from prison this week due to COVID-19 concerns. Considering his connection to their story — especially his current ties, since he is at the helm of a new show about their drug operation — 50 Cent is making it his personal mission to retrieve any debts owed to Southwest T now that he’s out.

Already, the rapper has gone after heavy hitters like Irv Gotti and Diddy. Now, it looks like Jeezy is the next victim.

50 Cent Calls Out Jeezy For Ducking BMF
Prince Williams/Getty Images

Posting several humorous photos of Jeezy on the phone, 50 Cent argued that Southwest T’s mother has been trying to get ahold of the rapper all week but that he’s been ducking her calls and text messages.

“Big T said get Jeezy ass too,” said 50 Cent on Instagram. “How you Screaming BMF Who helped you get a record deal. Then Meech mom is calling you and texting you to let you know ‘T is home and You ignoring the phone calls. so now his mom said fuck the backstage passes and free tickets to the concerts pick up the phone N***a.”

Do you think Jeezy will come through on the money he allegedly owes Southwest T and BMF?