"The Simpsons" May Have Predicted Coronavirus & Murder Hornets

"The Simpsons" May Have Predicted Coronavirus & Murder Hornets


This is starting to get freaky. It would appear as though yet another episode of The Simpsons has correctly predicted future events, after it was pointed out that the same episode that seemed to foreshadow the coronavirus pandemic also included a plot about a swarm of murderous bees. It’s definitely not a new concept that The Simpsons writers are basically psychic, considering they seemed to have predicted tons of major occurrences like Donald Trump becoming president, but this one hits the nail on the head a little too closely.

"The Simpsons" May Have Predicted Coronavirus & Murder HornetsMichael Buckner/Getty Images for Fox

Back when the coronavirus first began spreading, folks pointed out that the events in an episode of The Simpsons from 2004 called, “Marge in Chains” beared a striking resemblance to the real world events going on in the present day. In the episode, a worker at an overcrowded factory in Asia accidentally sneezes on a box of juice to be shipped to Springfield. Homer later opens the box, and unintentionally kicks off the “Osaka Flu” pandemic in the United States. While the connections between this storyline and the current global health crisis have already been made, a plot that occurs later in the episode proves that the writers weren’t even trying to hide the fact that they can totally see into the future.

After the Springfield citizens are told that there isn’t a real vaccine for the new virus yet, they begin searching boxes in an open truck to find placebos. However, the townspeople instead come into contact with a swarm of “killer bees.” As you may know, it was recently revealed that a species of “murder hornets” have made their way to the United States, because 2020 was already going so well.

We may need to start studying The Simpsons from now on if we want to prepare ourselves for the worst.