20 Songs About Fighting

20 Songs About Fighting


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Fighting is a universal human experience that has inspired music across genres and eras. From struggles against political oppression to personal battles with addiction or mental health, the theme of fighting has long provided songwriters with a powerful metaphor for the human struggle. In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 20 songs about fighting, covering a wide range of musical styles and subject matter.

Our selection includes classic rock anthems like “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor and “Fight the Power” by Public Enemy, as well as more recent hits like “The Fighter” by Keith Urban and “Rise Up” by Andra Day. Whether you’re in the mood for an empowering motivational tune or a cathartic rock ballad, our list has something for everyone. So, get ready to channel your inner fighter and explore some of the best songs about the human spirit’s indomitable will to persevere against all odds.

1. “Part of Me” by Katy Perry

“Part of Me” is a pop song by American singer-songwriter Katy Perry. Released in 2012 as a standalone single, the song is a fierce breakup anthem that expresses Perry’s strong sense of empowerment and self-worth. With its high-energy beats, catchy hooks, and strong vocals, the song has been praised for its upbeat and infectious nature, which makes it an instant crowd-pleaser. The music video portrays Perry as a member of the United States Marine Corps, emphasizing the song’s theme of strength and resilience. Overall, “Part of Me” is a powerful and inspiring song that encourages listeners to stand up for themselves and move forward with confidence.

2. “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten

“Fight Song” is a song by American singer-songwriter Rachel Platten, released in 2015. The inspiring, anthemic pop-rock tune was written by Platten, Dave Bassett, and Jon Levine and has become a popular anthem, associated with survivorship, perseverance, and personal empowerment. It opens with delicate piano instrumentation, leading into Platten’s powerful vocals, and then quickly builds into a full-band chorus that showcases the song’s uplifting message. The lyrics encourage the listener to keep pushing forward, to not give up and to keep fighting, and it is this message of resilience that has resonated with audiences across the world.

3. “Wolves” by Ryan Bingham

“Wolves” by Ryan Bingham is a blues-infused, guitar-heavy rock song that tells the story of a man and his faithful dog fighting their way through the harsh desert. Bingham’s gritty voice, coupled with the intense guitar solos, creates a vivid picture of a man’s struggle to survive in an unforgiving landscape. The song’s title and theme of survival give a nod to the power of animal instincts and pack mentality.

4. “(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)” by The Beastie Boys

“(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)” by The Beastie Boys is a classic hip-hop track with an infectious beat and an attitude that encourages listeners to rebel against authority and live life to the fullest. The song was a smash hit in the 80s, resonating with youth culture and becoming an anthem for partying and breaking the rules. The group’s catchy hooks and witty lyrics make this a fun, upbeat song that is perfect for any party or get-together. Despite its light-hearted tone, the song has been recognized as a cultural touchstone and a commentary on youth culture, rebellion, and the importance of individual freedom.

5. “Redemption Song” by Bob Marley

“Redemption Song” is a powerful and emotional track by reggae legend Bob Marley. It is a call to action, with lyrics that urge listeners to “emancipate yourself from mental slavery” and to “free yourself from bondage.” Marley’s distinctive voice, accompanied by a simple acoustic guitar, delivers a message of hope and determination that is both personal and universal. The song has become an anthem for social justice and human rights, and its message is as relevant today as it was when it was first recorded. It is a testament to Marley’s enduring legacy and his commitment to using music as a force for change.

6. “Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift Ft. Kendrick Lamar

“Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift Ft. Kendrick Lamar is a pop and hip-hop song that explores betrayal, revenge, and the collapse of a friendship. The track features a heavy bass and synth-driven melody, and the lyrics detail the tension between two former friends. The music video features a star-studded cast of celebrities and Swift’s friends in various roles, including superhero-like characters. “Bad Blood” received critical acclaim and became a commercial success, topping the charts in several countries.

7. “Survivor” by Destiny’s Child

“Survivor” by Destiny’s Child is a song about empowerment, resilience, and self-determination. It features an upbeat and catchy melody and strong vocal harmonies. The lyrics speak to overcoming adversity and emerging victorious from challenges, drawing from the personal experiences of the group members. “Survivor” became a hit and an anthem for many, and its success and message continue to inspire and empower people around the world.

8. “Take It Outside” by Brantley Gilbert

“Take It Outside” by Brantley Gilbert is a country-rock song that advocates for settling conflicts outside. The lyrics describe a tough guy who prefers to solve issues with his fists rather than talking. Gilbert’s powerful vocals and the catchy guitar riffs make this an energetic tune. The chorus is especially memorable, as Gilbert sings, “If you want to run your mouth, better learn how to run.”

9. “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” by Pink

“Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” is a pop-rock song by Pink that speaks to the feeling of being done with someone’s drama. It’s a catchy and upbeat song, with Pink’s signature attitude and powerful vocals driving the lyrics. The chorus is the most memorable part, with Pink singing “I think I’ve finally had enough, I think I maybe think too much, I think this might be it for us.” The song’s overall message of empowerment and self-confidence makes it an anthem for anyone who needs to let go of toxic people in their life.

10. “I Will Not Bow” by Breaking Benjamin

“I Will Not Bow” by Breaking Benjamin is a hard rock song with a powerful chorus and an inspiring message about resilience and determination. The lyrics describe someone who refuses to be defeated and is willing to fight for their survival. The intense instrumentals and lead singer Benjamin Burnley’s emotive vocals make this song an anthem for those who refuse to give up.

11. “Fighting My Way Back” by Thin Lizzy

“Fighting My Way Back” by Thin Lizzy is a classic rock song with a driving beat and a bluesy guitar riff. The lyrics describe someone who is determined to overcome adversity and fight their way back to a better life. The song features the signature dual guitar sound of Thin Lizzy and the soulful vocals of lead singer Phil Lynott. The message of perseverance and hope is delivered with a raw energy that makes it a standout track in the band’s discography.

12. “Fight For You” by Jason Derulo

“Fight For You” by Jason Derulo is an uplifting and empowering pop song that encourages listeners to pursue their dreams and overcome adversity. The song features Derulo’s signature smooth vocals and catchy hooks, set to a pulsing beat that will get you moving. The lyrics are motivational, urging the listener to never give up and always keep pushing forward, even in the face of setbacks and obstacles. This is a song that will inspire you to keep fighting for what you believe in, and to never let anyone else dim your light.

13. “Can’t Hold Us” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

“Can’t Hold Us” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis is a high-energy hip-hop anthem that celebrates the power of perseverance and hard work. Featuring Macklemore’s rapid-fire verses and Lewis’s thumping beats, this song is an adrenaline rush from start to finish. The lyrics speak to the struggles that Macklemore and Lewis faced on their way to success, and the determination and drive that kept them going. This is a song that will pump you up and make you feel like you can conquer the world, no matter what challenges lie ahead.

14. “Good Fight” by Unspoken

“Good Fight” by Unspoken is an upbeat and empowering song that encourages listeners to keep fighting through life’s challenges. The song’s lyrics speak to the idea that life is not easy, but we can overcome struggles with determination and faith. The driving rock beat and catchy melody make it a perfect anthem for anyone who needs a reminder to keep pushing forward, no matter what obstacles they may face.

15. “Kiss With A Fist” by Florence and the Machine

“Kiss With A Fist” by Florence and the Machine is a high-energy song that features the band’s signature blend of indie rock and pop. The lyrics tell a story of a tumultuous and dysfunctional relationship, where the only way the couple can show their love is through physical fighting. Despite the song’s dark theme, it is undeniably catchy and features Florence Welch’s powerful vocals. The song’s energy and powerful vocals make it a standout track that showcases the band’s unique style and sound.

16. “Last One Standing” by Simple Plan

“Last One Standing” by Simple Plan is an upbeat rock song about perseverance and fighting against the odds. The lyrics encourage listeners to keep pushing and to not give up even when the going gets tough. The driving guitar riffs and energetic drum beats help to amplify the message of the song and make it a great choice for anyone in need of motivation or a pick-me-up. With its catchy chorus and relatable lyrics, “Last One Standing” has become a fan favorite and a staple of Simple Plan’s live performances.

17. “Love is a Battlefield” by Pat Benatar

Pat Benatar’s 1983 hit “Love is a Battlefield” is an upbeat song with an empowering message. The song is about a young woman who leaves home and takes on the world, fighting for her place and ultimately finding love. The iconic music video features Benatar as a runaway teenager who stands up to her abusive pimp and inspires other women to join her. The song’s catchy chorus and strong vocals have made it a classic in the rock and pop canon, and it continues to inspire listeners to fight for what they want and deserve. “Love is a Battlefield” has been covered by numerous artists and has been featured in movies, TV shows, and commercials.

18. “Know Your Enemy” by Rage Against the Machine

“Know Your Enemy” by Rage Against the Machine is a politically charged rap metal song that encourages people to resist oppression and question authority. The lyrics criticize the government, the media, and other sources of power for their attempts to control people’s thoughts and actions. The song’s catchy chorus, heavy guitar riffs, and powerful vocals make it a powerful anthem for rebellion and activism. “Know Your Enemy” is a perfect example of Rage Against the Machine’s unique blend of hard rock and hip hop, which they used to deliver a powerful message of social justice and political resistance.

19. “The Fighter” by Gym Class Heroes ft. Ryan Tedder

“The Fighter” by Gym Class Heroes ft. Ryan Tedder is a high-energy pop/rock track that was released in 2012. The song’s lyrics are about perseverance and never giving up, as the chorus repeatedly states “This one’s a fighter.” Ryan Tedder’s soaring vocals add to the uplifting feel of the song, while the band’s performance is tight and dynamic. The song’s message of perseverance and resilience, along with its catchy hooks and driving beat, make it an inspiring anthem that has resonated with many listeners. It’s a song that encourages us to keep pushing through whatever obstacles we may face in life.

20. “Alone I Break” by Korn

“Alone I Break” is a song by American nu-metal band Korn from their fifth studio album “Untouchables.” The song features singer Jonathan Davis’s signature emotional vocals and haunting lyrics about feeling isolated and broken. The song starts with an eerie piano melody before exploding into a heavy guitar riff and pounding drums, making it a quintessential Korn track. The song’s dark themes of depression and self-loathing resonated with many fans and helped solidify Korn’s place as one of the pioneers of the nu-metal genre. “Alone I Break” is a powerful and emotionally charged song that showcases Korn’s ability to blend heavy riffs with introspective lyrics.