Young Chop’s Uber Reportedly Shot At While In 21 Savage’s Hood

Young Chop’s Uber Reportedly Shot At While In 21 Savage’s Hood


Chicago producer Young Chop has been so actively engaging in online feuds it has been honestly difficult to keep track of his digital mud-slinging. With many worrying the once esteemed-producer has been on an increasingly reckless downward spiral, Chop himself appears unfazed by the elevating stakes. In fact, he seems to be welcoming the madness with a disturbingly gleeful disposition.

Over the weekend, Chop deemed it prudent to go looking for his new enemy 21 Savage in Atlanta, hopping into an Uber to begin his search. Naturally, Chop took to Instagram to document the process, which was then posted by Akademiks on his page as requested. In one clip, Chop can be seen taunting Savage as he roams the streets, theorizing on 21’s address before calling an Uber. 

At an undetermined period, Chop claims to have been targeted by shooters, though it’s not certain whether the incident happened after he took to the streets on foot. “They done shot at the muthafuckin’ don,” reveals Chop, addressing his followers from the backseat of an Uber. “They know n****as ain’t finna go for that. Shout out to the Uber [laughs]. They know I got real killas riding around too.” It should be noted that the gunfire was not captured on video.

The disturbing incident is but another example of Chop’s volatile behavior. Clearly, this ever-expanding list of enemies is beginning to take a toll on the producer, who appears increasingly on edge. Another clip embedded below finds him stepping onto his porch in the middle of the night, addressing an unseen party, and firing off a warning shot in their direction. Though many have decided to fire off jokes about the situation, the fact remains that Chop’s destructive path seems destined for violence — we can only hope cooler heads can prevail before any further gunfire is exchanged.