YNW Melly & PnB Rock Think They’re At The Same Level As Drake

YNW Melly & PnB Rock Think They’re At The Same Level As Drake


DJ Akademiks is known to stir up some conversation on his social media accounts, crafting some eyebrow-raising lists from time to time. To celebrate the release of Drake‘s new song, the hip-hop commentator created a new ranking of the current “top” rappers in the game, placing Drake in a league of his own right at the top. In a tier directly below the Canadian artist, Kanye West was joined by Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, and Travis Scott. That was a move that angered much of Twitter, trending both Kendrick and Cole after finding their spots on the list to be flawed. It turns out that a few artists also weren’t too impressed with their placements, arguing that they should be higher. YNW Melly and PnB Rock chimed in.

PnB Rock was omitted from the post altogether but YNW Melly, the incarcerated Florida rapper, found himself in the fourth tier with Lil Tecca, Polo G, and others. He believes that he belongs right up there with Drake though, commenting on the post: “Tier 1 Melvin.” Of course, his reply was met with a lot of criticism since, you know, Melly hasn’t been nearly as influential as Drake.

PnB Rock also believes that he should have made the list in the first tier, noting that several of the names mentioned were directly inspired by him. “A lot of them my kids so so I’m up there wit drake lol,” he wrote.

Do you think Drake belongs to be in a league of his own?

YNW Melly & PnB Rock Think They're At The Same Level As Drake