XXXTentacion’s Friend DJ Scheme On Drake "Stealing" His Flow

XXXTentacion’s Friend DJ Scheme On Drake "Stealing" His Flow


Florida rapper XXXTentacion is seen as a legend among hip-hop’s youth but, when he was just starting out, he earned his buzz by sparking a feud with Drake over the song “Look At Me.” The track was X’s first big hit and it ended up blowing up when he was in jail. Right around the time it was popping, Drake released More Life, which featured the song “KMT” with Giggs. That record features a flow that fans have drawn back to XXXTentacion, eerily similar to that of “Look At Me.” While the beef boosted X’s profile, things could have easily gone in the other direction. In a new interview with Adam22 and No Jumper, the late rapper’s associates DJ Scheme and Danny Towers discussed that moment in history.

XXXTentacion's Friend DJ Scheme On Drake "Stealing" His Flow
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“It was a shit song though,” said DJ Scheme about Drake’s “KMT.” “I think that Drake makes some decent music, some pretty good music, and that was not good. It was not his best.”

Danny Towers, who was part of the Members Only collective, chimed in. “Obviously, everyone likes Drake’s music but I felt it was kind of ridiculous to say that you’ve never heard of [XXXTentacion.] That was kind of crazy. It’s very hard for me to believe that he hadn’t heard of him.”

DJ Scheme concluded that it all worked out in X’s favour, noting that the rapper is viewed as a legend and that his legacy has been cemented forever. Watch below at the 1:32:52 mark.