Will Natalie Take Advantage Of The Double Agents Twist That ‘Will Change Everything’?

Will Natalie Take Advantage Of The Double Agents Twist That ‘Will Change Everything’?


TJ Lavin flipped The Challenge “upside down” during the final moments of the Double Agents premiere. And the first person to face the game-changing dynamics is obviously a Challenge rookie.

Two-time Survivor competitor Natalie, who won San Juan del Sur and finished second on Winners at War, edged out Ashley in the first win or go home mission of Season 36. Operation: Fire Escape was a Crater battle between the ladies — which left Natalie’s partner Wes and Ashley’s teammate CT to watch from the sidelines.

And when Natalie bested Ashley in her first ever immunity elimination and earned the first Red Gold Skull — for one of only ten to compete in the final — TJ had quite the twist for the MTV newbie. And no, it wasn’t fire tokens.

“As the winner, you have a very big decision to make. Do you want to stay with your partner or do you want to trade him in for the loser’s partner, CT?” TJ posed, as Natalie grinned — and the rest of the competitors reacted boisterously from the outskirts.

But, there was more.

“Or, do you want to infiltrate and steal any other partner up there. Except of course the double agents,” TJ concluded, referring to partners Aneesa and Fessy.


“Oh sh*t,” is an accurate way to sum it all up (good one, Nat). And yes, this game just “flipped upside down” (correct, Tori).

So what will Natalie do? Will she stay with Wes? Or will she opt to change it up and go with CT — or any of the other men (excluding Fessy)? Give your predictions in the comments and do not miss her choice on the next Double Agents episode next Wednesday at 8/7c!