Will Leah And Corey’s Co-Parenting Relationship Take A Step Backward On Teen Mom 2?

Will Leah And Corey’s Co-Parenting Relationship Take A Step Backward On Teen Mom 2?


Last season’s Teen Mom 2 reunion featured Jeremy being critical of Corey — specifically, Ali’s dad not attending his daughter’s (out-of-town) doctor appointments. Tonight’s season premiere picked up on Jeremy’s comments — with Leah being in a “tough spot” because she did not plan to confront her first ex-husband about the topic and feared that her amicable co-parenting efforts with Corey could go backward (and they could potentially wind up back in court). Corey wasn’t present at the taped special because he didn’t want to get “sucked into the drama,” so ultimately he couldn’t offer his version of events — which concerned Leah. But when Corey saw Jeremy’s critique on TV, he posted some “angry tweets” in real time and vented his frustrations to a few friends on camera.

“I was upset at what was said but also that I didn’t have the opportunity to explain or defend myself,” Corey stated during the episode, just before commenting on Jeremy’s take on traveling to the doctor with Ali. “I didn’t know that he knew what my time off was. That son of a bitch — you don’t talk about my sh*t.”

Corey felt it came from left field because of his current state with Leah.

“I thought we was good,” he added.

Back to Twitter: Leah and Jeremy spoke on the phone about the “funny” sentiments expressed by Corey (Jeremy’s quote), but she wasn’t laughing.

“I can’t control what you say; I can’t control what he says. I just want to do what’s best for the kids,” she insisted to Jeremy, who stated that everything he said to Dr. Drew was truthful.

Now Leah and Corey need to have a conversation — and “we’ll see what happens.” But for now, Ali wanted her dad to be at the doctor, and she also “likes when Mommy comes.”

How will the chat between Corey and Leah go? And will the two make amends, or will their relationship take a negative turn like old times? Do not miss Teen Mom 2 every Tuesday at 8/7c.