Will Juliette Finally Move On (Now That She Knows About The Siesta Key Baby)?

Will Juliette Finally Move On (Now That She Knows About The Siesta Key Baby)?


There will soon be a Siesta Key unit of three — and word of the bundle of joy on the way began to trickle around Sarasota. First, Alyssa told her parents about the pregnancy, and during tonight’s episode the parents-to-be spilled the beans to Amanda and JJ at a sushi date night, and then Celine Chloe. After the Crescent Club head honcho took a beat to absorb the stunning news, she had a prediction that “Juliette is going to have a f*cking conniption.” And, yeah the Queen Bee did when (who else?) Chloe informed her of the baby-on-the-way at a girls wine/pizza night at Juliette and Kelsey’s abode.

“You’re serious?” Juliette finally mustered, after taking a pregnant long pause.

Chloe quietly offered an “mhmmm” as the reality began to sink in for Juliette and the tears started to emerge.

“I just want to be alone right now,” Juliette told Chloe, as she went to her room.

When Madisson and Kelsey returned with food and beverages, Chloe revealed the news to the duo — and they were just as shocked as everyone else in the know. Chloe perhaps phrased it best to K and M: “She still had hope in her heart that her and Alex would work out someday.”

Eventually, a distraught and “devastated” Juliette emerged and vented about the circumstances.

“I was praying that they were going to break up, and look what happened,” she sobbed. “I always thought one day we would be friends again. I’m going to be drunk for the next week.”

Juliette, with pizza in hand, questioned if it was planned, uttering, “You’re 15, it’s a little different because you’re stupid. You’re 25 and you get pregnant? You’re planning it.”

She then excused herself from the gathering to go on a “huge self spiral,” but Kelsey went to comfort her.

“You’re gorgeous, you’re smart, you deserve a whole hell of a lot,” she told Juliette. “You’re going to get it one day.”

Juliette began to question the choices she made (like dating Robby) and how that ultimately would have affected her relationship with her on-again off-again beau.

“I hope he changes for her,” Juliette concluded.

Is the baby what Juliette needed to get over him once and for all? Or will she always hold on to him in her heart? Sound off, and keep watching Siesta Key every Tuesday at 8/7c.