Will Amber Move On To Gary’s Teen Mom OG Property?

Will Amber Move On To Gary’s Teen Mom OG Property?


Amber’s relationship with Gary and Kristina has “grown” through the years — so is the next step living together on the same property?

The background behind the idea: The mother of two went on probation 15 months ago and has one year remaining. During this time, Amber moved into a rental house while Andrew and James live in her home. This arrangement made Gary think of another alternative, which would help with the distance (Amber lives about an hour away in Indianapolis) and Leah’s mom being alone.

“What if we put something out here?” Gary posed to Kristina about their vast rural land. “We could do a modular home and have Amber rent it because she’s already paying so much for this place in Indy.”

“Would you want her here 24/7?” Kristina asked.

Gary stated that there would need to be ground rules put in place, but ultimately, he believed she would “be happier” if they were all near each other.

Fast-forward to Gary posing his idea at a family dinner (with Leah present) and a stunned Amber quickly wondering if he was being serious.

“You would obviously pay rent for it,” Gary told his ex. “Any money that would go there it would support Leah too. It would be cheaper than over there.”

Amber’s response: “It would be nice to be closer to Leah, but the privacy aspect of it is not there.”

Even so, Amber was appreciative of the gesture and said she would think about the offer. But will she accept it? Or will she remain in her current abode? Sound off, then keep watching Teen Mom OG every Tuesday at 8/7c.