‘Why Did I Have Sex With Him?’: Briana Is Regretting Her Teen Mom 2 Hookup With Luis

‘Why Did I Have Sex With Him?’: Briana Is Regretting Her Teen Mom 2 Hookup With Luis


The Teen Mom 2 season premiere concluded with Briana and Luis going home together after reuniting at a club — and during tonight’s episode, viewers learned what unfolded after said night out.

“Why did I have sex with him? I can’t talk about this,” Bri confessed to sister Brittany and mother Roxanne the morning after. But then she did open up about it.

“We went to his house and then…” Bri began, with Britt offering, “She be having a good time.”

The former couple did not use a condom; however, Briana was on birth control and vowed to get tested. She also wanted to have a conversation when the two were sober — because he openly wept about their past and potential future.

“He was full-blown naked, crying,” Bri reflected, as her loved ones (and Bri herself) laughed. “He was sitting criss-cross applesauce on the bed. It was weird. Telling me that he’s sorry, [that] he doesn’t go about things the right way. That he always has Stella on his mind and me on his mind. And he wanted us to work out and be a family. Naked. He was sincere, I guess.”

Briana confessed that she wanted to make sure her baby daddy understood the importance for her toddler to have her dad around — regardless of their intimate hookup. They met up for a bite to eat — and even though it was awkward at first, Briana brought up how Luis finally called Stella, and he admitted his desire to “get on track” with his little girl.

“Our main goal is for you to be a part of Stella’s life consistently,” Briana told Luis. “Me and you, I don’t know. I just got out of a f*cked-up situation; he was really active in the girls’ lives. So if you’re going to do this, don’t leave Stella because I already let her down,” she insisted, while wiping away tears.

Will this conversation — and possibly their hookup — help Luis become more involved? Or will he sink back into his old ways and not be present for his daughter? Give your take below, and keep watching Teen Mom 2 every Tuesday at 8/7c.