Who Will Call A Truce First On Jersey Shore: Angelina Or Deena?

Who Will Call A Truce First On Jersey Shore: Angelina Or Deena?


Now that Deena and Angelina are both under the same (very massive) family vacation Las Vegas roof, it’s only a matter of time before they come face to face. And someone is going to have to initiate contact.

Tonight’s Jersey Shore episode featured the aftermath of Deena discovering the dreaded “double booking,” and it wasn’t pretty. Even though it’s been eight months 10 months and five days since speechgate, the pregnant meatball was beside herself in tears.

“I get that you guys want us to get together and talk, but I’m not doing it here. Especially being super-early pregnant. I just can’t put myself in the position where I’m going to see this girl,” Deena said.

Luckily, the gang saved face by flying in Deena’s husband and son to serve as a happy distraction. (Cue the “Chris and CJ are on their way!” chant.)

As for Angelina, she came in hot (as expected) — but the guys cleverly used it to their advantage.

“Our plan is to keep Angelina riled up on purpose to gas her out,” confessed Vinny, who’s pretty much an expert on ruffling his fellow Staten Island native. “Kind of like you kind of do to a child who’s really hyper so she doesn’t direct her negativity towards Deena when they see each other.”

The keto guido certainly did his part, taunting the not-so-newlywed with pizza toppings and grammar lessons, while Deena and Chris shared a romantic dinner a few rooms away. But ultimately, RSVP’s plan backfired. Mike donned his Mediator hat and invited his roommate “to have the sit-down of sit-downs” with the girls, but Ang merely fondled the dolls and looked for assh*les in a not-safe-for-MTV move.

“Our plan to get the family back together isn’t going so well,” Pauly D admitted. “We had high hopes of getting Angelina and Deena to sit down and actually make up, but Angelina’s a wild card. She’s too unpredictable.”

Alas, it’s time for a new approach. “There are times for fun and games, and there are times to be serious,” Mike said. “If you want this situation solved, you have to be a part of the solution.”

Does Angelina have it in her to break the ice? Or will Deena surprise everyone and make the first move? Sound off with your thoughts, then tune in when new episodes return on Jerzday Thursday, January 7 at 8/7c!