Which Double Shot Pair Is More ‘Awkward’: Vinny And Maria Or DJ Pauly D And Nikki?

Which Double Shot Pair Is More ‘Awkward’: Vinny And Maria Or DJ Pauly D And Nikki?


“This is going to be awkward-er!”

During tonight’s Double Shot at Love Season 2 premiere, DJ Pauly D and Vinny welcomed their exes — and a few new cougines guys — to Las Vegas. But for two ladies — Nikki and Maria — the circumstances felt a bit different given their relationships with the Jersey Shore men the last DSAL go around. But which pair had more tension and awkwardness: Maria and Vinny or Nikki and Pauly?

First, Maria and Vinny. The latter admitted there was “unfinished business” with the Are You the One? alum, while Maria confessed that it was a “sh*tty feeling” to get her heart broken the last time they were together. When Maria arrived with the rest of the ladies at her new home, Vinny didn’t acknowledge her — and she avoided him.

“Maria doesn’t even say hello to me,” Vinny said. “This is off to an awkward and bad start.”

Maria didn’t exactly feel comfortable either, stating, “I’m trying not to be a bitch, but I literally can’t help it. Seeing Vinny for the first time after a couple of months — it’s really f*cking hard.”


A change of scenery (a spot called Karma Voodoo) didn’t ease a thing, and Maria couldn’t deny it was “so weird” to be around Vinny because of their past. Especially when he was talking to some “pretty” random girls.

Meanwhile, Nikki didn’t descend on Vegas with Maria, B-Lashes, Derynn, Suzi and Marissa — and her absence was immediately felt by none other than Pauly.

“I’m surprised Nikki isn’t here. I thought she would have been with Maria,” he told Vin (right before the crew’s first night out). “They’re friends.”

And sure enough, Maria called her boo after the club and stressed how much she needed her to get to Vegas.

“I cannot say no to you — what the hell?” Nikki responded, later adding she was “on the fence” about taking Maria up on the offer because there is still something there for Pauly. Oh, and the two did not end things on good terms (remember the Double Shot reunion?).

Like Maria, Nikki (who landed the very next morning) could not bring herself to talk to Pauly as soon as she saw him.

“She just did a U-turn,” Pauly told Vinny as she bee-lined away from him; for her part, Nikki confessed that even though she knew she would see him, it was “too much.”

When the two did eventually settle in the same room, Pauly was first to speak. But the two couldn’t have a conversation and resolve their “communication issues” because “that douche” (Brandon) piped up about Nikki’s relationship with Pauly.


“There’s feelings still there,” she said in an interview. “I can’t look him in the face because it breaks my heart.”

Eventually, this foursome is going to have to well, chat, but for now, nothing has actually happened to clear the air. But which pair had a more awkward (that’s how the guys keep describing it!) reunion: Vinny and Maria or Pauly and Nikki? Tell us who made you cringe more, then keep watching Double Shot at Love every Thursday at 9/8c!