Webbie Responds To Boosie Badazz’s Comments On Their Fallout

Webbie Responds To Boosie Badazz’s Comments On Their Fallout


For the most part, Baton Rouge local hero Boosie Badazz has revealed himself to be an open book. Never one to hold his tongue, or even show restraint for that matter, Boosie interviews have often led to many unfiltered and brutally honest takes. Most recently, Boosie sat down with DJ Vlad to discuss a variety of topics, and before long his friendship and subsequent falling out with Webbie was brought up. 

“I ain’t got no beef with Webbie, hell nah,” explains Boosie. “I could never beef with Webbie. We got classics for days, years.” Still, the pair haven’t been making music of late, and Vlad makes sure to inquire about that. “It ain’t me dawg, we just don’t see eye to eye on some shit,” continues Boosie. “I still love him, that’s my n***a. I been through a lot with that n***a. But I gotta keep going, I’m a train.”

It didn’t take long for Webbie himself to catch wind of Boosie’s interview, and he slid into the comment section to speak on the matter. In response to a comment accusing Boosie of switching up after getting money, Webbie replied with a cryptic “crazy world bra,” seemingly adding credence to that particular narrative. He also took to his own Instagram to highlight one particular section of the interview, which centers around the possibility of him and Boosie’s baby mother being romantically involved. “Main U AINT EVEN GOTTA WORRY BOUT DAT B,” writes Webbie, in his IG caption. “I BEEN TO BUSY COACHIN.”

Though Webbie’s implication leaves room for deeper meaning to be unpacked, it’s hard to imagine any genuine animosity between both parties — especially given Boosie’s own declaration of respect and love for his longtime pal. While some seem eager to spin this into a war of words, it appears to be closer to a simple falling out — something that, while depressing to be sure, does occasionally happen as life goes on. Nothing personal, and all we can really do is hope that the former collaborators can find some time to link up once again for all time’s sake. Provided both parties are willing, of course.