Watch for Smoke with Carey Renee’s New Track “House Is Burning”

Watch for Smoke with Carey Renee’s New Track “House Is Burning”


Carey Renne has set her foot in the music industry with a hit track, “House Is Burning.” With spine-chilling vocals and dramatic tunes, the track is gripping its way to the top.

The artist’s emotional vocals are uniquely displayed through the compelling ballad. Watch out for chills when you hear Renee repeat the chorus “this house is burning” throughout the track.

The artist is no stranger to the musical field as she has strapped on years of violin and piano, not to mention singing in choirs. Her distinguished musical background paired with raw vocals are setting her apart from the crowd. Coming in strong with a track as robust as “House Is Burning,” Carey portrays an unquestionable connection to music. The artist has also come to share the importance of the track to her and how feelings of betrayal and abandonment led to the creation of this touching song.

The track and music video boast her natural essence and bravery. So get ready for an emotional ride with Carey’s soothing vocals as she swaddles you with words and tunes.

Check out the video for “House Is Burning” below.