ViniseTheArtist Drops Sparkling New Track “Glitter Tears”

ViniseTheArtist Drops Sparkling New Track “Glitter Tears”


ViniseTheArtist ’s latest single, “Glitter Tears,” marks a significant moment in her career. Straight out of the Bronx, her music melds elements of R&B and hip-hop. This track is built around a strong beat and features a notable vocal performance, demonstrating her range and control.

Lyrically, the song is introspective, exploring themes of resilience and personal growth. It’s clear and straightforward without being overly complex, making it accessible yet meaningful. The production supports her voice well, using a blend of traditional hip-hop rhythms and smoother R&B melodies to create a compelling backdrop.

“Glitter Tears” might not break new ground on mainstream charts, but it solidifies Vinise’s position as an emerging artist with a clear vision and ability to connect with her audience in her niche, the streets, the radio and where emerging acts make big noise- def an artist to watch out for. It’s a solid track likely to gather attention on streaming platforms.

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