Victoria Moralez returns with new singles – “Colored Transmission Waves” and “Easily Swayed”

Victoria Moralez returns with new singles – “Colored Transmission Waves” and “Easily Swayed”


Swedish-based artist, producer and actress, Victoria Moralez has released two new singles, “Colored Transmission Waves” and “Easily Swayed”.

Singer-songwriter Victoria Moralez

Victoria has previously released three albums.

‘Colored Transmission Waves’, is a reflective song designed to provide an escape from lives of modern day chaos. The single blends soulful pop with a classy electronic, bass and percussive musical arrangement which creates a soundscape unlike any other in today’s overcrowded music scene. In “Colored Transmission Waves”, Victoria is telling her fans a story about her own life:

I came across your picture

And it reminded me

Of the cross I have to bear

I swear

Nobody knows the truth.

And in the chorus:

Tell me where did I go wrong.

What could I have done to make you turn around

Tell me when can I go home

How can I go on

You left me on my own.

And you get a tangible sense of community with the uplifting blended vocals with many voices singing in the chorus.

In “Colored Transmission Waves”, Victoria contemplates previous experiences in her life and what she could have done differently. But overall her message is hopeful, chilled and upbeat. The techno arrangement towards the end of the song and instrumentals are just awesome with a combo of drum beats, electro-synth, bass and percussion and really complement her chilled vocals throughout this song.

Her single “Easily Swayed ” has been remixed by DJ Symphony. It has a completely different feel to “Colored Transmission Waves” with a much faster tempo and smooth techno beat. The music video is quirky and features street dancers krumping over a whole bunch of different city streetscapes.

Victoria Moralez

Victoria describes her musical style as progressive pop. During her upbringing, Victoria moved around a lot and this mobile lifestyle really influenced her musical style which doesn’t fit into any particular box or category. Her music is about duality and constant change. This is what distinguishes her as an artist along with her trademark Scandinavian style.

Victoria’s earlier single “Eyes Of The Prize” was also well received in both the States and UK.

The singer/songwriter has also performed at premium music venues such as Debaser, Blue Note, Camden Jazz Café with Mad Professor and St Nick’s Inn in Harlem.

Both singles are out now on the usual platforms.

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