Vancar Delivers A Brilliant And Emotional Track Titled “Outside The Gate”

Vancar Delivers A Brilliant And Emotional Track Titled “Outside The Gate”


Talented American producer, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Evan Carcaterra, otherwise known as VanCar, releases his highly anticipated new song titled “Outside The Gate”, mixed and mastered by Grammy award winning music engineer Pete Novak. The track arrives as follow up to his critically acclaimed “Go Outside” released last month. Highlighting the breadth of VanCar’s maturing talent and songwriting natural ability, “Outside The Gate” cements the 19 years old’s rise in the music scene.

Not limiting himself to one genre, VanCar dances from indie rock to movie scoring, and everything in-between. A compelling fusion enjoyed by the masses while still appealing to the aficionados of the genre.  

The storyteller shares the tale of a man who is going to die and is reflecting back upon his life choices. The man has had a tough life, dealing with drugs and the life that comes with it. Symbolically, he is blocked at the death’s doorstep and Is reflecting on his life trying to understand why he is locked out.

VanCar is undoubtedly set to continue his ascent with non-conformist and brilliant musical creations. Following his latest successes, this indie song is set to spark mass appreciation.  

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