Usain Bolt Roasts Tom Brady For Pitiful 40-Yard Dash

Usain Bolt Roasts Tom Brady For Pitiful 40-Yard Dash


Usain Bolt is arguably one of the best sprinters we have ever seen. The Jamaican Olympion has won three gold medals in the 100m sprint and continues to be one of the greatest athletes in the world. His world records are downright superhuman and when it comes to anything that has to do with going fast, Bolt is an expert. Recently, Yahoo! Sports did a segment with Bolt where they had him look at some NFL combine 40-yard dash sprints. Afterward, Bolt had to give his opinion on how the player ran.

The first player he got to see was John Ross who has the 40-yard dash record. Bolt was critical of Ross, noting how he leaned too much during the run and that he needed to be more explosive. Perhaps the best part of the video was when Bolt watched Tom Brady’s infamous 40-yard dash. Bolt laughed at the clip and said that Brady did everything 100 percent wrong.

Lastly, Bolt critiqued the running abilities of Chris Jones who is over 300 pounds. It was fairly obvious that Jones was having a tough time and Bolt seemed to be sympathetic of his struggle. Regardless, Bolt wasn’t very impressed by the three players which makes sense considering the level he is able to run at. 

Maybe Bolt can give these guys a crash course in Sprinting, in the future.