Uncle Murda Breaks Down Why He’s Still Picking On K. Michelle

Uncle Murda Breaks Down Why He’s Still Picking On K. Michelle


Last week, the always reliable Uncle Murda came through with his clockwork “Rap-Up,” which you can check out below. Following the controversial track’s arrival, Murda sat down with the Hot 97 hosts to elaborate on some of his more incendiary takes.  Ebro kicks things off with a tough question. “So why do you continue to talk about K. Michelle‘s vagina in public?” he asks, his tone blunt. Uncle Murda replies in a puzzling fashion — “shout out to K. Michelle.” 

“After eliciting a confused laugh from the hosts, the rapper goes in-depth about his rationale in playing the bully. “See, I didn’t like what she said about Tekashi, like she’s happy he’s coming home,” he explains. “I thought that was kind of wack when I saw her do that this time around. She was just like, ‘he didn’t snitch on me, I’m happy he’s comin’ home,’ stuff like that,” he continues. “It was kind of weak. I actually know people that’s locked up over the corny shit Tekashi did. Me and her don’t really like each other anyway. It’s my fault. I’m not going to sit here and act like she did.” He laughs, moving to pivot the conversation away from his favorite target.

Rosenberg actually takes a moment to challenge Murda, claiming that his friend 50 Cent was actually cool with 6ix9ine to begin with. “A lot of people were cool with certain people before they ratted,” counters Murda. “Once you rat, it’s over.” When asked whether 50 Cent has “renounced his friendship” with Tekashi, Uncle Murda nods. “I believe so.” 

For more insight from the always controversial and brutally honest Uncle Murda, check out the full interview below.