Tyler, The Creator Left Dumbfounded By Fan’s Twitter Question

Tyler, The Creator Left Dumbfounded By Fan’s Twitter Question


Tyler, the Creator has had many shifts in his sound over the years. Perhaps the biggest shift was in 2019 when he dropped Igor. The album was a perfect mix of R&B and hip-hop, packaged in a concept album that many felt was the best of the year. This particular body of work was much different than what fans were used to which created a tad bit of division within his fanbase. Despite the quality of the record, some fans were left wanting more rap verses. 

The EARFQUAKE artist was active on Twitter today and even engaged with many of his fans. At one point, a curious fan asked Tyler when he was going to start rapping again. Tyler didn’t take too kindly to this line of questioning and reminded the fan of everything he’s done recently. 

Tyler’s fans immediately hopped into the other fan’s Twitter comments and hit him with some quick Ls to remind him that his question was unnecessary. Of course, Tyler’s diehards are always going to take his side so this shouldn’t be all that surprising. Overall, the artist makes a good point as he has been pretty consistent with his verses, even if it doesn’t always seem that way.

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