Tyler Perry Gives Former Inmate Job After He Served 13 Years

Tyler Perry Gives Former Inmate Job After He Served 13 Years


He may have taken a little flack online after sharing that he writes all of his television shows himself without help from other creatives, but Tyler Perry’s good deeds are changing lives. The Tyler Perry Studios mogul has created jobs for thousands of people over the years, but his recent move gave a former inmate hope for his future. A report by Atlanta’s 11Alive news states that a 52-year-old man recently released from prison was being stonewalled by employers, that is until Perry decided to give him a chance.

Tyler Perry Gives Former Inmate Job After He Served 13 Years
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Back in the 1990s, Darrell Hall was sentenced to life in prison for possession of two grams of cocaine. He served out 13 years before he was released with the help of Fulton County’s Conviction Integrity Unit, a project that reexamines past convictions that they believe were excessive given the circumstances involved.

While Hall was thrilled to taste freedom once again, he was finding it impossible to obtain employment. Then, the Fulton County District Attorney’s office was notified that Perry was willing to offer Hall a job at his studio and to come in for work on Monday. To prove that he’s ready to work, Hall said he’s going to go in wearing his work boots.

I’ll say, ‘Can I start now? I’ll be ready to start.” When asked what he wanted to do, Hall wasn’t picky. “Anything – I could do a lot of things,” he said. “I have a lot of skills. Horticulture, lawn care, cooking skills, janitorial skills.” Hall also shared a bit about his time in prison, saying that being away from his loved ones was extremely difficult.

“I always tried to be stern and keep myself upright. I didn’t try to fit in with anyone,” he said. “Always keep your head up, always look forward. Everybody is not out to get you. Don’t always think that everybody is out to get you.” Watch clips of this heartwarming story below.