Twitter "Fleets" Could Be Bigger Than Instagram Stories

Twitter "Fleets" Could Be Bigger Than Instagram Stories


As reported by Tech Crunch, Twitter is gearing up to release a new feature in the coming weeks. The “Fleets” feature will allow Twitter users to share photos, videos, gifs, and text that will disappear after 24 hours. They are hoping that this feature will allow for more engagement for their users – new and old. 

The “fleets” feature takes inspiration from the likes of Snapchat and the ever-powerful Instagram. Many other social services have adopted the model after Snapchat’s success story. The hope for Twitter is that this new feature will help allete any “anxieties” a user might have about posting. This new feature should help users feel empowered to speak about what they might not have otherwise shared.

Unlike the “archive” of ideas that one would normally be exposed to on Twitter, “Fleets” is a way for users to share their “fleeting thoughts”. There is no competing for likes or retweets, and users will still have the opportunity to interact with each other’s stories through private DMs, instead of on everyone’s timelines.

This service seems to be very similar to the “stories” that we have learned to love across other outlets, however, Twitter maintains that it will have its intentional differences. We are yet to see what those will be. 

Twitter will be testing the feature in Brazil this week, and will likely be rolling it out to the rest of the world soon.