Twista Accepts Eminem’s #GODZILLACHALLENGE

Twista Accepts Eminem’s #GODZILLACHALLENGE


Ever since Eminem broke the Guinness World Record for fastest rap of all time with his breakneck “Godzilla,” the subsequent #GODZILLACHALLENGE has awoken the competitive spirit of fellow choppers like Bizzy Bone and Twista. And while Bizzy recently tried his hand, albeit in his own unique way, many fans were left wondering whether Twista would answer the call with a response of his own. As it happens, the time has come. Yesterday, Twista took to Twitter to confidently accept the challenge — much to the rampant delight of his fans.

Twista Accepts Eminem's #GODZILLACHALLENGE

Given that Twista is one of the quintessential double-time spitters of all time, there’s a certain gravitas that comes with his participation. It’s unlikely that he’ll simply rap Em’s verse verbatim, but rather move to one-up Shady’s record-breaking lyrical onslaught. Some have even been speculating that a full-blown remix is the only logical conclusion, bringing Em, Twista, and Bizzy Bone together in a no-holds-barred battle of technical prowess. 

One has to wonder if Em’s open challenge is enough to get Twista back on his record-breaking mentality, his Adrenaline Rush grind, reclaiming his rightful spot as rap’s reigning chopper. In truth, it’s kind of strange seeing Em as the current title-holder, given his embrace and subsequent mastery of double-time flow is a relatively recent development. If Twista sets his mind to the task, there’s no telling whether Em’s record is safe. All we have to do and wait and see what the Chicago legend cooks up. Do you think Twista will be the one to break “Godzilla?”