Trump Mocks Obama & Biden’s Bromance In Campaign Video

Trump Mocks Obama & Biden’s Bromance In Campaign Video


Coronavirus might be the main concern for all Americans right now but Trump’s also pondering the future of the election. Now, we all know that he’s been letting the tweets slide frivolously these days, especially now since Biden will officially be running against him for the presidential election. The war has been waged and Trump will clearly go to great lengths to humiliate his opponent… and Obama, apparently.

Trump Mocks Obama & Biden's Bromance In Campaign Video
Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images

Obama’s endorsement of Biden was not surprising but Trump is clearly firing shots at anyone standing next to his adversary, especially after 44 criticized him for handling the current pandemic. Taking to Twitter, Trump (or a memester on his team) created a dubbed edit of an Allstate Commercial with Obama’s head shopped onto actor Dennis Haysbert body as the character and his friends watch an basketball game.

“Not another commercial,” they said as a campaign commercial for Biden played. Trump edited the viral clip of Biden talking about kids rubbing his leg when he was a lifeguard at a swimming pool to “hair come back up again.”

The group of men look at Obama with concern before he says, “What?” The video then cuts to “Trump-Pence. Make America Great Again!” while House Of Pain’s “Jump Around” plays in the background.

Trump’s reps confirmed this is not an official campaign ad. Surely, this won’t be the last time Trump trolls Joe Biden or Obama in the months to the come.