Tristan Thompson Receives Rambunctious Ice Bath After Career-High

Tristan Thompson Receives Rambunctious Ice Bath After Career-High


It’s been a rough couple of seasons for the Cleveland Cavaliers ever since LeBron James left in the summer of 2018. After finishing near the bottom of the standings last season, the Cavaliers are on track to do the same thing this year. Last night, the Cavs had a positive experience as they defeated the Detroit Pistons in overtime by a score of 115-112. Tristan Thompson was nothing short of dominant in the game and even recorded an impressive 35 points, which just so happens to be a career-high for him.

After the game, Thompson’s teammates went crazy in the locker room as they tried to celebrate his big achievement. Players began chasing Thompson around the room while dousing him in ice water. Thompson appeared to be pumped up by it all as the whole locker room was all smiles.

“Love this team man,” Thompson wrote on Twitter after the game. After the recent controversy with head coach John Beilein, it’s clear this was a big win for the Cavs. They haven’t had many reasons to celebrate this year although this win is a great place to start. Thompson has been with the Cavaliers for a long time now and many of the young guys look up to him. 

Perhaps this win will help give the Cavs some much-needed confidence moving forward.